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These beckoning words, have I heard them right?
Should l pay for my sins by taking a life?
I can almost savor the brilliant light
There’s not much time so I best get started tonight
Monuments of life, I will soon find
When salvation comes, I will be the one

In the dead of the night I can find what I need to make this sacrifice
I slowly enter the room where they sleep
Not a sound I can make, they are mine for the taking
I hesitate as I hear footsteps creep up from behind
There she is at the doorway frozen, staring wide-eyed at the horror looming
Mother tries to scream but she can’t say a thing; my god is with me
Yes this is what it looks like… just turn your head, it’s for the best
These beckoning words, I heard them right
Paid for my sins by taking a life
I can almost savor the brilliant light
There is not much time so I make the sacrifice
Monolithic hand, take this offering and invocation
I’ve killed for you, just make this suffering a buried memory
Come while they still sleep
Now, bathed in light, you have arrived
Begin to trade my eyes for those that only see perfection


from Dead Space, released May 30, 2016




Artificial Construct North Carolina

Artificial Construct is an experimental music project comprised of Austin McGilvray and Steven Ostroske.

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